Invest in Human Success

Aqua Digital Rising is a Big Data and AI-Analytics FinTech
company, creating investable indices on human beings.

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Unlocking Human Value

with AI and Big Data

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Alternative Assets

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From sportspeople, celebrities, to the stars of movies, TV shows, or social media, our alt-assets allow everyone to invest in the success of individuals.

  • A unique platform which no-one has built before
  • AI, machine learning and algorithms
  • Shaping the future of investing
  • Democratising big data
  • Using FinTech to unlock human value
  • Changing the way people measure and invest in success

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Aqua Digital Rising is a revolutionary fintech company which for the first time is using mathematics and analytics to create investable indices that calculate the value of human success.

Entrepreneur Team

Aqua Digital Rising is led by experienced entrepreneurs with a track record of significant innovation in the financial services leading to successful IPOs.

Yasin S. Qureshi

Yasin S. Qureshi

Founder & Head of Strategy

Dev Dutta

Dev Dutta

Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Andreas Ruether

Andreas Ruether

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Marc Aspinall

Marc Aspinall

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer


Latest News

Aqua is backed by the top tier institutional Venture Capital firm ELEVAT3

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General FAQ

Aqua Digital Rising has developed the next generation of alternative-assets.
We are using AI, mathematics, analytics and algorithms to interrogate Big Data, to creating…

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